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diciembre 14, 2022

-Maria did such a wonderful job!! she did not hesitate on helping me out right away.. promptly answered all my questions, and provided very well customer service,.. Thankyou Maria !! that makes me happy.

Love coming here to get quoted on a well worth it insurance; speaking from past experiences,.. Stop wasting your time and get your quote Today !!!! CALLTHEM
thank me later just incase !! 😊

diciembre 8, 2022

Always helpful and always available. The folks at Express Insurance are my insurance people, for everything…cars, boats, houses and that makes my life easier. Peace of mind would be enough, but their bundled rates beat everyone else I’ve used before too. I Definitely recommend this family agency!

diciembre 26, 2021

Everyone is very professional, polite, friendly and knowledgeable. Great experience getting auto insurance. They have a lot of different other services as well. I am very happy to have them as my insurance agent.

diciembre 23, 2021

Just wanted to thank Tramites Express for getting me a quote on a new car and insuring it right away, super professional and quick when you’re on the go, making a payment is easy too!

diciembre 17, 2021

I am so happy with Express Insurance. I like the customer service, knowledge, experience, effectiveness, and how the staff make me confident with my insurance. They are professionals and committed.
I definitely recommend Express Insurance!!

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